Is a plugin for obs-studio which adds a new hotkey that allows you to take a screenshot and immediately add it to obs for your viewers to see.


First download the latest release from Github. Choose either linux64 or win32.64 For either 64bit linux or Windows (Both architectures).
  1. Open your obs-studio installation folder (eg. Right click on the shortcut and click Open file location)
  2. Navigate two directories up
  3. Drop the folders data and obs-plugins in the directory
  4. You're done!
  1. Unzip the archive
    $ unzip ~/Downloads/scrab.* -d ~/Downloads/scrab
  2. Navigate to your obs config folder
    $ cd ~/.config/obs-studio/
  3. Create a folder for the plugin
    $ mkdir scrab
  4. Copy the folders bin and data into the new folder
    $ mv ~/Downloads/scrab/bin ./
    $ mv ~/Downloads/scrab/data ./
  5. You're done!