Manually installing plugins on linux


Sometimes you have to install plugins on Linux manually. Maybe because you do not have root access, because you built the plugin from source or you only have a .deb installer, but you're not using a Debian based distro.

Building from source
This can vary depending on the plugin, so here's just the basics:

The .so of the plugin should now be in the build folder. The data for the plugin should be in the root of the plugin repository.

Extracting a .deb installer
When I switched my plugins to the CI of the plugin-template the CI stopped creating zip archives with the binaries, so for now there's only Debian installers. The installer is just an archive that contains the binaries, so you just have to extract: Inside `data.tar.gz` is a structure that looks like this: Ultimately you only need the .so file and the contents of the `.../obs-plugins/[plugin name]/` folder.

Installing the files
After extracting the .deb installer or building the plugin from source you'll have both the .so file and the plugin data. Then it's just a matter of creating the correct folders in your local obs-studio directory and then moving the files there.

Create the folling directory structure: Copy the .so file to the `bin/64bit` folder and the plugin data (locale etc.) to the `data/` folder.